SMART: Manual Thrombectomy vs. Rheolytic Aspiration in ST-segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction.

Dr. David Antoniucci presented the immediate results of randomized trial SMART SMART (n=80, 1:1) comparing manual thrombectomy (MAT) vs. rheolytic aspiration (RT) in the context of ST elevation acute myocardial infarction (≤6 hours). In this study, primary outcome was residual thrombus burden after aspiration assessed with optical coherence tomography (OCT). Thrombus burden was defined as the number of quadrants of the coronary vessel containing residual thrombus.

Conclusion: with better myocardial reperfusion, mechanical aspiration was not superior to manual aspiration for thrombus burden reduction assessed by OCT.

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David Antoniucci