DISCOVER FLOW: Correlation of conventional FFR vs non invasive FFR obtained with MSCT for successful stenting.

The DISCOVER FLOW trial has recently showed an excellent correlation between fractional flow reserve values (FFR) traditionally obtained with coronary CT angiography (CCTA) and the ones obtained with a non invasive technology derived from multi slice computerized tomography (MSCT). Researchers used a novel technology that allows deriving non invasive FFR from MSCT data. Dr. Bon-Kwon Koo (Seoul National University, Korea) won 2011 Innovation Award at the EuroPCR for this breakthrough technology. In this opportunity, Dr. Koo compared post-stenting FFR in 43 patients (48 lesions), measured during procedure, to the pre-procedure simulation with MSCT. In addition to basal non invasive evaluation of FFR, this novel technology enables FFR estimation after virtual stenting of each of the observed lesions. When compared to invasive after stenting FFR measured during procedure, an acceptable correlation was observed (r=0,55, p<0,01) with an absolute difference of only 0.02±0.05. Compared to the invasive evaluation, FFR-MSCT presented a 100% sensitivity, 96% specificity, with a predictive negative power of 100% to detect unsatisfactory results (FFR≤0,08). These results suggest this fascinating imaging technology not only enables stenting success prediction, but also treatment planning and stent length and site selection to obtain FFR >0,8 values.

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Bon-Kwon Koo