EVOLUTION: Comparative study of non-inferiority of two sirolimus eluting stents: One with permanent polymer and the other with degradable polymer.

The EVOLUTION study, (Dr. Junbo Ge, Shanghai Institute, China), compared two sirolimus-eluting stents, one with permanent polymer (Cypher Select, Cordis Corporation, Miami Lakes, Florida, USA) and another with degradable polymer (Excel, JW Medical System Ltd, Weihai, China). A randomized (2:1) was used, open and non-inferiority, including 1923 patients in 30 centers in China (December 2008 to September 2010). The study excluded injured patients with unprotected trunk, rotablator use or previous angioplasty (

The researchers concluded that, until annual follow-up, sirolimus-eluting stent with biodegradable polymer is comparable to sirolimus-eluting stent with permanent polymer. A longer follow-up will be needed to clarify its long-term security.

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Junbo Ge