History, Vision, Mission

To integrate, educate, promote research and normalize cardiovascular interventionism in Latin America.


SOLACI will represent cardiovascular interventionism in Latin America: an active, transparent and dynamic organization of high impact on its members’ everyday life and high value for interventional cardiologists, the National societies and the industry.


In June 1993, a small group of Latin American interventional cardiologists gathered at the Cardiology Institute in Mexico, decided to create GLACI (Grupo Latinoamericano de Cardiólogos Intervencionistas) The Latin American Group of Interventional Cardiologists, a group of friends that reckoned the need to share experiences and knowledge, to contribute to the growth of our specialty in all Latin American countries.


In December 1994, the group held their first International Symposium at Calafate, in the South of Argentina; about one hundred interventional cardiologists from Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia, gathered in the vicinity of Perito Moreno glacier.


From that moment on, the group saw a fast growth, till in 1995 it turned into a Scientific Society, giving birth to SOLACI, the same year the first Congress was organized in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


SOLACI’s commitment to research and training resulted in increasingly important meetings and courses, the registry of interventions and procedures, research protocols, our web page, education and training grants, and continuous exchange between members.


The Society’s work has translated into a strong development of interventional cardiology in all countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.