June 9, 2016

Rio de Janeiro, June 9, 2016.

Another great day at Solaci/SBHCI 2016.

2-300x225Early this morning, the TCT/GI2@SOLACI session –Percutaneous Coronary Intervention– was conducted at Cristo Redentor room by Dr. Ajay Kirtane (USA), who talked about contemporary PCI. Following this event, Dr. Roxana Mehran (USA), delivered an excellent presentation on the evolution of stents and highlighted the fact that the first implantation on a human being, a Cypher stent, took place in Brazil.

She also discussed the problems still unsolved and the latest innovations in progress.

The following presentation was delivered by Dr. Alexandre Abizaid, who presented the latest bioresorbable scaffolds. He started by enumerating the benefits of temporary vascular scaffolds and emphasized the fact that out of the 20 trials currently in place across the globe, 4 enroll patients from his institution.  He briefly and objectively described the studies: Absorb III, DESolve. Fantom and Dreams. He stressed the need for adequate training on BVS, with careful attention to treatment feasibility and lesion selection.

There was also a very productive transmission of two live cases from Columbia University Medical Center in New York: the first was a chronic occlusion of the anterior descending artery treated via septal collateral vessels, advancing from the right coronary artery, using the retrograde approach. The second was an implantation of the Watchman device (Boston Scientific) in patients at high risk of bleeding and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

During the afternoon, the most relevant sessions were:

SCAI@SOLACI: Adjunct Pharmacology in the Invasive Approach of Acute Coronary Syndromes, co-chaired by Roxana Mehran (USA) and Oscar Mendiz (Agentina), with talks by Marcelo José de Carvalho Cantarelli (Brazil), Eric R. Bates, Neal Kleiman, and Ajay Kirtane, (USA) with active participation from the audience, which made this session even more productive. Several studies were presented aiming at discerning the best moment to start, optimal dosage, ideal maintenance and management of dual antiaggregation and anticoagulation therapies in the context of acute coronary syndrome.

Co-chaired by Dr. José Eduardo Moraes Rego de Sousa, from Brazil and Dr. José Luis Leiva Pons, from México, including presentations by Dr. Martin Leon (USA), Dr. Anibal Augustin Dalmonte (Argetina) and Dr. Luiz Antonio Ferreira Carvalho (Brazil),
where spectators could profit from discussions on the evolution of TAVI and left atrial appendage closure devices and mitral valve interventions.



At the end of the day, we learnt from the winners of the following categories:

Congenitals, Oral Session:

Dr. Natalia de Freitas Jatene – “Feasibility, safety and efficacy of dilation with balloon catheter to pulmonary artery band after hybrid procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome and varieties.”

Best Open Topic:

Dr. Dimytri A. Siqueira – “Mid-term to late clinical and echocardiographic outcomes after TAVI: insights into structural valve dysfunction.”
The winners were granted a travel package to participate of SOLACI 2017 Congress to be held this year in Buenos Aires.