SOLACI-CACI 2021 | Innovation in Interventional Cardiovascular and Endovascular Medicine

✔️ Watch again the Session “Innovation in Interventional Cardiovascular and Endovascular Medicine” in the SOLACI-CACI 2021 Congress.

👨‍🏫 Contenidos:

  • 05:14 – Digital Health Era. A digital (r)evolution. Digital tech medicine parade, the rapid technological innovations of the digital age – Chaim Lotan
  • 32:24 – The Best innovation in Structural, Coronary, Interventional suite, Hemodinamic Support in Interventional Heart Failure – Juan Granada
  • 01:02:41 – The Impact of Regenerative versus Prosthetic Approaches in Cardiovascular Therapy – Julio Palmaz
  • 01:24:31 – Expandable Endoprotesis, the solution – Juan Parodi

👉🏻 Panelists: -Abizaid, Alexandre – Bär, Nora – Rizzo, Marcela
👉🏻 Chairpersons: David Vetcher, Alberto Hendler & José Luis Leiva Pons

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Filmación realizada el 06/08/2021.

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