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12/07 – SOLACI-Medtronic Webinar: the Turning Point in the Treatment of HTN

12/07 – SOLACI-Medtronic Webinar: the Turning Point in the Treatment of HTN

SOLACI and Medtronic invite you to participate in a new free virtual event, this time on “Turning Point in the Treatment of HTN”, with the presence of prominent international faculties: Dr. Alejandro Sánchez, Dr. Alejandro Ricalde and Dr. Ricardo Coast. During the event, emphasis will be placed on renal denervation. The event is open and

Jornadas Perú 2023 - Concurso de Jóvenes Cardiólogos

Winner of the Young Cardiologists Contest at Peru Sessions 2023

During SOLACI’s Regional Sessions carried out in Lima, Peru, on November 16-17, 2023, the traditional Contest for Young Interventional Cardiologists was held, and different young physicians presented relevant case studies to be assessed by a board of experts selected by SOLACI. This contest encourages young hemodynamics physicians to present their work before prestigious Latin American

13th ProEducar Fellows Course

See the Presentations of the 13th ProEducar Fellows Course

  During SOLACI-SBHCI 2023, our traditional education program for young interventionists ProEducar Fellows Course was held.  Discover the presentations of the prestigious interventionists that made part of this 13th edition here below.  Dr. Gustavo Vignolo (UY) – “Trigger: STEMI learning clinical case” PRESENTATION Dr. Roger Renault Godinho (BRA) – “Why and how should I use Radial access? Step by Step” PRESENTATION

Congreso SOVECI

November 17 and 18: SOVECI 20th Annual Meeting, 2023

We invite the entire community to take part in the annual meeting of the Venezuelan Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOVECI). This prestigious event will take place on November 17 and 18 at the Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. SOVECI 2023 is an excellent opportunity for cardiologists, including other expert physicians, fellows, cardiopulmonary nurses and technicians,

Save the date for SOLACI-CACI 2024

The 29th annual meeting of the Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOLACI) and the 34th annual meeting of the Argentinian School of Interventional Cardiology (CACI) is approaching.  The appointed date is August 7 thru 9, 2023 and the event will be taking place at Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel. Enter our website and check the

MIL Train More MIL – The Second Week of Training Is Starting!

The second week of our structural heart disease training program for Latin American interventionists women is being held on September 25 thru 29, 2023. 9 Latin American interventionists women will attend 5 high complexity centers in Argentina to watch and take part in structural interventions coordinated by experienced SOLACI members. The program MIL TRAIN MORE