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Chile Sessions 2021 | Clinical Case Contest for Young Interventionists

Chile Sessions 2021 | Clinical Case Contest for Young Interventionists

Send your case Call for Case Submission XLIII SOLACI Regional Sessions – 14th Southern Cone. Nov 27, 2021 – Chile Sessions. It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite all young Latin American cardiologists to submit relevant clinical cases related to interventional cardiology for the upcoming SOLACI Sessions, Chile 2021, to be held on

Retos en TAVI- Enfermedad coronaria severa y oclusión coronaria

Watch Again Challenges in TAVR – Severe Coronary Disease and Coronary Occlusion

Watch Again Challenges in TAVR – Severe Coronary Disease and Coronary Occlusion on our youtube account. Challenges in TAVR – Severe Coronary Disease and Coronary Occlusion

Webinar SOLACI-CACI-MicroPort

SOLACI-CACI 2021 Webinar | Challenges in TAVI – Severe CAD & Coronary Occlusion

Next Thursday, October 14, we will hold a joint event between SOLACI, CACI and the Microport company on “Challenges in TAVI: Severe Coronary Disease and Coronary Occlusion”. The activity is part of the satellite events of the SOLACI-CACI 2021 Congress and, as such, will have the participation of important international and Latin American speakers. Date:

estrategia avanzada en el meanejo de bifurcaciones

Watch Again Advanced Strategias on Bifurcations Management in our Youtube Account

Watch Again “Advanced Strategias on Bifurcations Management” in our Youtube Account Program Provisional stent technique as a treatment philosophy: the step by step and when to use it. Critical analysis of the POT, Kissing, Re POT technique. Provisional strategy vs 2 stents in No ULM The case in which I require a second stent: when,

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01- TAVR and Anticoagulation: Direct Anticoagulant Agents or Vitamin K Inhibitors? In some patients, using an anticoagulant agent is not an option, it is just prescribed. Based on the French TAVR registry, this research compared long-term mortality, bleeding, and ischemic events after valve implantation. A comparison was made between TAVR and direct vs. classic anticoagulant agents—good old proven and reversible vitamin K inhibitors. Read also HERE 02-

The most read scientific papers of September in interventional cardiology

01- ESC 2021 | Updated European Society of Cardiology Guidelines for the Management of Valvular Heart Disease Early intervention in asymptomatic valvular heart disease, age recommendations to decide between TAVR and surgery for aortic stenosis, and a push in favor of transcatheter repair in secondary mitral regurgitation are some of the new modifications to the European

SOLACI Research Session

SOLACI-CACI 2021 | SOLACI Research Session

✔️ Watch again “SOLACI Research” session carried out during SOLACI-CACI 2021. At the event, important advances of LATAM Bif and SOLACI Peripheral registries were shared and SOLACI / SIAC guidelines on TAVR vs CABG were presented. We also featured 2 important presentations by doctors Sanjit Jolly (Canada) and Deephak Bhatt (USA) 👨‍🏫 Program: 00:01 –

11 Curso de ProEducar

Access all contents of the 11th ProEducar Fellows Course

During the virtual SOLACI-CACI 2021 Congress, the 11th ProEducar Fellows Course—SOLACI’s traditional activity aimed at expanding knowledge and providing didactic tools for all interventional trainees in Latin America—was held. The course was a huge success: almost 1500 people accessed the Andreas Gruentzig Virtual Room where the activity took place. Furthermore, over 35 prestigious speakers from all