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2018 Peru Sessions | Nurses and Technicians Session

2018 Peru Sessions | Nurses and Technicians Session

As a prologue to Peru 2018 Sessions, Nurses and Technicians Sessions will be held on October 24, 2018. The event will take place at the Main Arena of the National Cardiovascular Institute (INCOR), in Lima. These sessions will be about several topics, among others, radioprotection in the cath lab, valve disease procedures, TAVR, mitral valve,

Los 10 artículos más leídos de septiembre

The 10 most read articles of September

1- High-Sensitivity Troponins Turned All Events into Infarctions; the 4th Universal Definition Clarifies Things Myocardial infarction or myocardial injury? The Fourth Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction (an update of the 2012 version) is here to clarify that not all cases of elevated cardiac troponin values are acute myocardial infarctions. Read more    2- A Simple


Uruguay Sessions: Clinical Case Contest for Young Interventional Cardiologists

37th SOLACI Regional Sessions – 12th Southern Cone Regional Meeting December 3rd and 4th, 2018 – Montevideo, Uruguay   CALL FOR CASE SUBMISSION It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite all young Latin American cardiologists to submit relevant clinical cases related to interventional cardiology for the upcoming SOLACI Sessions, Montevideo 2018, to be

Todo lo que tiene que saber sobre las Jornadas Perú

All you need to know about the 2018 Perú Sessions

After more than 3 years, SOLACI returns to Lima to carry out the XXXVI edition of the Regional SOLACI Sessions. As always, for SOLACI it implies a great motivation and a stimulating challenge to continue promoting the development of interventional cardiology in Latin American. Are you planning on participating in the next 2018 Perú Sessions?

See the presentations of the 9th José Gabay Fellow Course

We are deeply thankful to all interventional physicians who, motivated by their great scientific and educational vocation, presented their works at the “José Gabay” Course. Read the presentations below:   Module I: Fundamentals and Basic Elements. Leiva Pons, José Luis. “Vascular Closure Devices. Step by Step.”   (Spanish version) García García, Hector. “Current Status of Coronary Intervention:

Video Resumen del Congreso SOLACI-SOCIME 2018

Relive the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress

Over 2180 professionals from all over the world gathered in Mexico City to continue developing interventional cardiology in Latin America. Relive the event through this video! We are interested in your opinion. Please, leave your comments, thoughts, questions, etc., below. They will be most welcome.

Muerte cardiovascular en México en el marco del Congreso SOLACI-SOCIME 2018

Report on Cardiovascular Death in Mexico Within the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress

How can you know if you are having an infarction? What is the rate of cardiovascular death in Mexico? What are the possible solutions to this problem? José Luis Leiva Pons, SOLACI president, and Jorge Cortés Lawrenz, SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress chair, analyzed the situation of cardiovascular health in Mexico during the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress that