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See the presentations of the 9th José Gabay Fellow Course

See the presentations of the 9th José Gabay Fellow Course

We are deeply thankful to all interventional physicians who, motivated by their great scientific and educational vocation, presented their works at the “José Gabay” Course. Read the presentations below:   Module I: Fundamentals and Basic Elements. Leiva Pons, José Luis. “Vascular Closure Devices. Step by Step.”   (Spanish version) García García, Hector. “Current Status of Coronary Intervention:

Video Resumen del Congreso SOLACI-SOCIME 2018

Relive the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress

Over 2180 professionals from all over the world gathered in Mexico City to continue developing interventional cardiology in Latin America. Relive the event through this video! We are interested in your opinion. Please, leave your comments, thoughts, questions, etc., below. They will be most welcome.

Muerte cardiovascular en México en el marco del Congreso SOLACI-SOCIME 2018

Report on Cardiovascular Death in Mexico Within the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress

How can you know if you are having an infarction? What is the rate of cardiovascular death in Mexico? What are the possible solutions to this problem? José Luis Leiva Pons, SOLACI president, and Jorge Cortés Lawrenz, SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress chair, analyzed the situation of cardiovascular health in Mexico during the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress that