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La era del stent provisional para las bifurcaciones parece llegar a su fin

Is the Paradigm for Bifurcation Lesions Changing Once More?

Is the Paradigm for Bifurcation Lesions Changing Once More?

Four years ago, we published a summary of the SMART-STRATEGY Study saying that, with bifurcation lesions, “less is more.” Last month, the DEFINITION Study published in the European Heart Journal suggested that things were about to change. Today, the DK-crush technique seems to have rendered both title and article obsolete. According to this recent analysis

DKCRUSH-V: lo más simple no siempre es lo mejor en el tronco de la coronaria izquierda

DKCRUSH-V: What Is Simple Is Not Always Best for the Left Main Coronary Artery

Courtesy of the SBHCI. Angioplasty of true distal left main bifurcation lesions with a double-kissing (DK) crush two-stent strategy, compared with provisional stenting, results in lower rates of target lesion failure at 1 year. These findings were largely driven by lower rates of target vessel infarction and definite/probable stent thrombosis. Read also: “EXCEL-QOL Substudy: Similar Quality