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Monto de isquemia basal en pacientes con múltiples vasos y evolución a largo plazo

A Headache for Cardiologists: Ischemia with Non-Obstructive Disease

A Headache for Cardiologists: Ischemia with Non-Obstructive Disease

Treating patients with functional stress test induced ischemia and non-obstructive coronary artery disease (INOCA) is complex and often frustrating.  The multifactorial nature of this disease in addition to the complex physiopathological relationship between angina and ischemia turn these patients into a real headache for cardiologists. The CIAO-ISCHEMIA was recently published in Circulation and was designed

ACC 2020 Virtual | Más datos del ISCHEMIA: mujeres con más síntomas pero con menos isquemia

Virtual ACC 2020 | More data from ISCHEMIA: Women with More Symptoms but Less Ischemia

The ISCHEMIA trial will keep shedding light. The latest data show important differences between men and women as regards disease severity and its correlation with symptoms. Women have more angina than men but have less extensive ischemia.  These findings were presented virtually at the ACC 2020, cancelled by COVID19, and suggest that, in addition to