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Bicuspid Valves Do Not Increase Mortality in TAVR

Bicuspid Valves Do Not Increase Mortality in TAVR

The frequency of bicuspid aortic valves (BcAV) are around 1%, but in 60+ patients it is associated to severe aortic stenosis. Even though surgery is the standard treatment, TAVR is the “off label” indication in high risk patients.   BcAV presents differences with tricuspids given that it is more elliptic, has asymmetric calcification and more

Impacto clínico de la regurgitación paravalvular post TAVI

Clinical Impact of Paravalvular Regurgitation After TAVR

Clinical Impact of Paravalvular Regurgitation After TAVR. Presenters: -Fernando Cura (Argentina).  -Gabriel Maluenda (Chile). This video, sponsored and funded by Medtronic, was filmed during SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress, at Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel (in Argentina). Do you want to take a look at all other SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Medtronic cases? Watch them  We are interested in your opinion. Please, leave

La post-dilatación en el TAVI se asocia a más stroke y más leaks en el seguimiento

Post-dilation in TAVI associated to more stroke and more paravalvular regurgitation

Courtesy of Dr. Carlos Fava. Moderate/severe paravalvular regurgitation (PVR) after TAVR is present in 10%-14% of all cases, according to different series. The treatment of choice is post-dilation, generally effective in most cases. However, this strategy carries a risk of stroke. The true impact of this conduct is still unclear. This review analyzed 6 studies that included 5007 patients; 889 of them