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Subutilización del tratamiento médico en enfermedad vascular periférica

Which Type 2 Endoleaks Should We Intervene?

Which Type 2 Endoleaks Should We Intervene?

This work emphasizes the need to be conservative with type 2 endoleaks, and the need for long-term prospective information to learn about the advantages of intervention. The presence of type 2 endoleaks is associated with reintervention, as it was historically assumed that they increase the risk of sac rupture. However, this new research, published in

La cirugía parece superior a la angioplastia en pacientes jóvenes

Repeat Revascularization Is Not Benign, at Least in Left Main Disease

After the “EXCEL scandal” at the end of last year, study investigators have been publishing explanations and sub-studies that were planned from the beginning, but which can still be interpreted as explanations. This sub-study states that revascularization was more common in the angioplasty arm, but only revascularizations performed on the target lesion, regardless of the