Patients with Plaque Erosion: Management without Stenting

This small study presented at ESC and simultaneously published in the European Heart Journal evaluated patients undergoing acute coronary syndrome caused by plaque erosion identified by optical computed tomography (OCT). The study showed it can be managed with conservative antithrombotic therapy and without stenting.


Patients with plaque erosion can receive dual antiplatelet therapy, ticagrelor and aspirin plus and antithrombotic, which significantly reduces thrombus volume and increase minimal lumen area of the affected vessel, without increasing the risk of ischemic events within 30 days.


This study assessed 492 patients undergoing ACS and 458 were analyzed by OCT was done in 458. 405 culprit lesions were found, and 103 were caused by plaque erosion.


All patients received aspirin, ticagrelor and unfractionated heparin prior catheterization and more than 80% underwent thrombectomy (according to operators’ criteria).


Original Title: Effective antithrombotic therapy without stenting: intravascular OCT-based management in plaque erosion (the EROSION study).

Presenter: Jang I-K.


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