TCT 2018 | PORTICO-I: One Year Follow-Up for the Self-Expandable Reposisionable Valve

This study was simultaneously presented at TCT and published at JACCE, and it aims at showing the one-year outcomes of this new TAVR device, though follow-up is at 5 years.

TCT 2018 | PORTICO-I: un año de seguimiento para la válvula auto-expandible y reposicionablePrimary end point was all cause mortality and secondary end points included clinical and echocardiographic events.


With a total 941 patients (82,4 ± 5,9 years, 65,7% women, STS 5,8%) from Europe, Australia and Canada, researchers observed 12.1% mortality rate, 6.6% cardiovascular mortality, 2.2% stroke and 2.5% acute myocardial infarction.


Mean transvalvular gradient and valve area resulted 8.6 mmHg and 1.75 cm², respectively.

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Moderate to severe paravalvular leak was 2.6% and pacemaker rate at one year was 21.3%. All patients improved functional class and quality of life.


Original title: One-Year Outcomes with a Self-Expanding, Repositionable Transcatheter Heart Valve in Severe Aortic Stenosis Patients: PORTICO-I.

Presenter: Lars Sondergaard.


Descargar (PDF, Unknown)

Descargar (PDF, Unknown)

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