SOL SOLACI Performed a New Intervention During the Ecuador Sessions 2020

A new charitable case was featured at the Ecuador XL SOLACI Sessions 2020. At the CardioCentro Manta / Angiomanabí Clinic in Manta, Ecuador, physicians performed a successful closure of ductus arteriosus type A1 with an Amplatzer ADO I device (antegrade access). The patient was a 1-year old child admitted with a diagnosis of persistent ductus arteriosus. The case was sponsored by C.G MED.

Thus, SOLACI’s SOLidario (which means ‘solidary’ in Spanish) Program continues with its mission: facilitating the access to percutaneous and/or cardiovascular procedures to Latin American patients without the medical coverage or economic resources for them.

Below, the case presentation during the Ecuador Sessions 2020.

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SOLACI’s SOLidario Program Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, more than ever, the members of SOLACI’s SOLidario Program want our Latin American colleagues to know that we are in this together. As everyone knows, the primary purpose of this program is to grant our patients access to interventional procedures in renowned medical centers. Specialists who are SOLACI members perform such interventions in collaboration with other internationally famed experts.

The current situation would have been hard to imagine a short time ago. This pandemic represents an unimaginable challenge, but we will work together so that we can lead the resistance against the disease, directing our best efforts to aid those most vulnerable.

Dr. Marcelo Halac.
Head of SOLACI’s SOLidario Program.


programa solidario solaci

SOLACI’s SOLidario Program is a facilitator connecting the patient, the institution, the local scientific community, and the specialist with local suppliers in each country so that the performing team can count with the adequate supply of elements, drugs, and/or endovascular devices for a successful procedure.

Created by a group of adult and pediatric interventional cardiologists who are SOLACI members, SOLACI SOL seeks to facilitate the access to percutaneous therapeutic and diagnostic cardiovascular procedures, conducted in renowned medical centers by specialists who are SOLACI members, to patients in Latin America and the Caribbean who lack the medical coverage or economic resources for them.

In case of questions about SOLACI’s SOLidario Program, contact us at

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