Dominican Republic Sessions 2023 – All You Should Know

September 14 and 15, 2023, Jaragua Hotel, Santo Domingo!

The 46th Dominican Republic Regional Sessions 2023 are close (16th Central America and Caribbean Region), featuring a top notch scientific program, important national and Latin American guests and an extensive review of the most relevant topics of interest in present day interventional cardiology.

The event is being organized by SOLACI together with ASODCI, the Dominican Association of Interventional Cardiologists and SODOCARDIO, the Dominican Society of Cardiology, for interventional and clinical cardiologists, hemodynamics technicians and nurses, and all those interested in staying up to date and advancing their careers. Needless to say, we thank the local scientific societies for their unwavering support to these sessions, which will no doubt help us keep creating value, always looking to improving health care across Latin America. 

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Scientific Program

Discover all the high-level scientific activities that we have prepared for this event, which include all current interventional cardiology topics.

  • Scientific updates
  • Technical advances
  • Innovations
  • Case discussion
  • Latin American guests
  • International guests
  • Educative sessions
  • Academic debates

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