Highlights AHA 2015 articles

DAPT Substudy: Score to Personalize Optimal Dual Antiaggregation Therapy Duration

DAPT Substudy: Score to Personalize Optimal Dual Antiaggregation Therapy Duration

Original Title: Individualizing Treatment Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: An Analysis from the DAPT Study. Presenter: Yeh RW. Optimal dual antiplatelet therapy duration for patients receiving stents has started to become clearer, but a new scoring method (DAPT Score) may help single out patients who could either benefit or suffer from extended

SPRINT: lower blood pressure targets for many hypertensive

Original Title: A randomized trial of intensive versus standard blood-pressure control. Presenter: Wright JR Jr. A systolic blood-pressure target lower than 120 over the standard 140 mm Hg reduces adverse events rates in non-diabetic patients at high cardiovascular risk, according to the SPRINT trial, but only at the expense of increased adverse events that include hypotension,

Surgery vs. PCI in Diabetic Patients with Multivessel Disease

Original Title: Revascularization in diabetics with multivessel disease: a population-based evaluation of outcomes. Presenter: Ramanathan K. Real-world data support the role of CABG over PCI in diabetic patients with multivessel disease. However, PCI continues to be a common ­­­­­­option for this patient population, according to an analysis of 2 Canadian registries. Sourcing data from 2

PROMISE Subanalysis: Potential Benefits of CT Angiography over Functional Studies in Patients with Symptoms Suggesting CAD

Original Title: Outcomes of anatomical versus functional testing for coronary artery disease. Presenter: Douglas PS. Early this year, the PROMISE trial was not able to confirm that testing patients with chest painusingcomputed tomography angiography (CTA) instead of functional tests, affects clinical outcomes, even though several sub analysis are currently suggesting other additional benefits,including enhanced diagnostic

PEGASUS-TIMI 54 Subanalysis: Discontinuation of Ticagrelor Mostly Due to Dyspnea or Bleeding

Original Title: Long-term tolerability of ticagrelor for secondary prevention: insights from PEGASUS-TIMI 54 trial. Presenter: Bonaca MP. The higher rate of premature discontinuation of ticagrelor vs placebo in the PEGASUS-TIMI 54 of stable outpatients with prior MI is attributed to more frequent dyspnea and bleeding, according to a new study. Among patients who tolerated therapy for

JUPITER Subanalysis: Reduction of LDL Determines Clinical Impact of Rosuvastatin Therapy

Original Title: Cholesterol treatment targets and clinical outcomes: a JUPITER trial update. Presenter: Paul Ridker. The lower the LDL cholesterol levels, the less adverse cardiovascular events in men and women initially healthy, according to an analysis of the JUPITER trial. Findings could help inform about the optimal LDL goals in primary prevention. To explore the

IVUS-XPL: IVUS superior to angiography for guiding DES implantation in long lesions

Original Title: Effect of intravascular ultrasound-guided vs angiography-guided everolimus-eluting stent implantation: the IVUS-XPL randomized clinical trial. Presenter: Hong S-J. Patients with long coronary lesions have better clinical results after a year of second generation DES implantation when interventions are guided by IVUS, instead of angiography. The benefit was attributed to a lower revascularization rate of ischemia