TCT 2021

Here are the most important scientific articles of the TCT 2021 Congress.

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TCT 2021 | STOPDAPT-2 y MASTER-DAPT: la discusión continúa del ESC al TCT

TCT 2021 | STOPDAPT-2 and MASTER-DAPT: The Conversation Continues from ESC to TCT
Research on short-term dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) is still controversial. These discussions, however, seem to lead to the consensus that beyond the “category" of bleeding or ischemic ...

TCT 2021 | SWISS-APERO: diferencia en los leaks entre Amulet y Watchman

TCT 2021 | SWISS-APERO: Difference in Leaks between the Amulet and the Watchman
The Amplatzer Amulet (Abbott) achieves better left atrial appendage closure than the Watchman 2.5 and Watchman FLX (Boston Scientific) in patients with atrial fibrillation at risk ...

TCT 2021 | SURTAVI: buenas noticias para la válvula autoexpandible a 5 años

TCT 2021 | SURTAVI: Good News for the Self-Expandable Valve at 5 Years
After a 5-year followup, the transcatheter aortic replacement (TAVR) with the self-expandable valve has offered clinical outcomes similar to surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) outcomes ...

TCT 2021 | OPTIMUM: Anatomía compleja y no elegibles para cirugía ¿aceptamos el caso?

TCT 2021 | OPTIMUM: Surgically Ineligible Patients with Complex Anatomy: Do We Accept the Case?
In surgically ineligible patients with complex coronary anatomy short term risk of death with PCI is considerably lower than the estimated surgical risk. These are the outcomes of the ...

TCT 2021 | FAVOR III: FFR derivado de la angiografía. Una herramienta que ahorra eventos

TCT 2021 | FAVOR III: Angiography-Derived FFR: An Event-Prevention Tool
Compared with visual estimation of lesions, using quantitative angiography-derived fractional flow reserve (quantitative flow ration, QFR) provides better clinical outcomes at one year for ...

TCT 2021 | FAME 3: Sorpresas en un estudio largamente esperado

TCT 2021 | FAME 3: Surprises in a Long-Awaited Study
Angioplasty could not reach non-inferiority to surgery to treat patients with three-vessel lesions. In this head-to-head study of both revascularization ...


TCT 2021 | iFR-SWEDEHEART: 5 Years to Trust FFR Is Equivalent to iFR
The 5-year followup of the iFR-SWEDEHEART has confirmed the safety and efficacy of using either FFR or iFR to guide PCI in intermediate lesions.  ...


TCT 2021 | SUGAR Trial: Polymer-Free Stent in Diabetes
In CAD patients with diabetes the polymer-free amphilimus-eluting stent resulted non-inferior to the polymer-based zotarolimus-eluting Resolute Onyx. This new ...