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¿Es la litotricia coronaria tan efectiva como la aterectomía rotacional?

Is Coronary Lithotripsy as Effective as Rotational Atherectomy?

Is Coronary Lithotripsy as Effective as Rotational Atherectomy?

Severely calcified lesions currently pose a significant challenge, as they require adequate preparation through non-compliant balloons or cutting balloons to achieve effective stent expansion. Another option is the use of orbital or rotational atherectomy (RA), but this carries the risk of complications such as slow/no reflow, perforations, dissections, peri-procedural infarction, or guidewire rupture. Despite the


Are There Sex Differences in pLVAD-Assisted High Risk PCI?

The proportion of patients undergoing high risk PCI (HRPCI) is on the rise. It includes patients with different clinical, anatomical and procedural characteristics, such as low ejection fraction, severe vascular disease, three vessel or left main disease, severe lesion calcification and the use of atherectomy.  Mechanical circulatory support devices (MCS) during HRPCI, such as the

Aterectomía rotacional

Safety of Atherectomy in Femoropopliteal Disease

Peripheral artery disease hinders patient quality of life extensively. In advanced stages, such as critical lower limbs ischemia (CLLI), it could yield an increased risk in major cardiovascular events, as well as limb-related events (amputation or repeat revascularization), making treatment with revascularization paramount in these cases. Calcification is a predictor of revascularization failure, which is

Dietas bajas en carbohidratos y progresión de la calcificación coronaria

The FDA Approves Intravascular Lithotripsy for Calcified Lesions

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the shockwave lithotripsy system to treat severely calcified plaque lesions. The device uses a balloon to release pressure sound waves capable of passing through the softest material, and possibly rupture calcified plaque and optimize stent implantation. As such, it has the potential to replace or, at