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perforación coronaria en angioplastia

Complex PCI: Complex Characteristics Impact Results

Complex PCI: Complex Characteristics Impact Results

Patients with a bigger number of complex anatomical characteristics that increase PCI complexity have worse results at one-year followup. These data come from a large multicenter study (e-Ultimaster) recently published in EuroIntervention. The more complex the characteristics, the greater the increase in events.  It is important to see past the obvious anatomical challenges (bifurcations, calcification,

El uso del ultrasonido intravascular en la angioplastia de tronco no protegido se asocia con mejores resultados en comparación con la angioplastia guiada solo por angiografía.

IVUS in Every Step of Complex Angioplasty

Complex angioplasties require not only experience and patience but also technology. Imaging–guided pre-dilation, stent sizing, and post-dilation reduced the cardiovascular events after a 3-year follow-up in patients who received drug-eluting stents in complex angioplasties. This paper, recently published in JACC Interventions, compared the 3-year outcome of the complex angioplasty optimization technique with intravascular imaging to

La complejidad de la angioplastia puede definir el tiempo de doble antiagregación

Balancing Bleeding Risk vs. Thrombotic Risk to Define Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Duration

Patients who undergo complex angioplasty are at higher ischemic risk, but only benefit from extended dual antiplatelet therapy if there are no factors for high bleeding risk. These data suggest that the bleeding risk must weigh more than the ischemic risk on the determination of dual antiplatelet therapy duration. Complex angioplasty is associated with higher