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Subutilización del tratamiento médico en enfermedad vascular periférica

Which Type 2 Endoleaks Should We Intervene?

Which Type 2 Endoleaks Should We Intervene?

This work emphasizes the need to be conservative with type 2 endoleaks, and the need for long-term prospective information to learn about the advantages of intervention. The presence of type 2 endoleaks is associated with reintervention, as it was historically assumed that they increase the risk of sac rupture. However, this new research, published in

Solution for Type 1A Endoleaks After Abdominal Endoprosthesis

Proximal type 1 endoleaks after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysmal repair are challenging to solve, with no existing consensus on the proper solution. This work compared the most radical solution to the problem vs. a more conservative—though still challenging—option. The first one was the surgical explantation of the endoprosthesis with aortic reconstruction, while the more “conservative”

Endoleaks Type II: no association with mortality

Original Title: Risk factors and consequences of persistent type II endoleaks. Reference: Ruby C. Lo et al. J Vasc Surg 2016;63:895-901   The presence of type II endoleaks is infrequent (1%-10%) and most cases resolve spontaneously at 12 months. When they don’t, there is still controversy as to whether they may be associated to aneurysm diameter