VII Latin American Symposium on Structural Cardiomyopathy

Do you need an update on Structural Cardiomyopathy? If so, clear your schedule from July 27 thru 29. We are hosting the 7th Latin American Symposium on Structural Cardiomyopathy, to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cali, Colombia, organized by Angiografía de Occidente S.A.

Featuring lectures of national and international relevance and the presence of international leading experts on Structural Cardiomyopathy, the aim of this Symposium is to bring physicians up to date on topics like aortic, mitral and pulmonary insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease, complex coronary artery disease, atrial septal defect closure, cardiac failure and cardiac stem cell therapy.

8 cases will be transmitted via satellite from Angiografía de Occidente S.A. (Cali) to the conference room at the Intercontinental Hotel live and direct.


Our Event Program was designed for:

– Interventional and general cardiologists
– Cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons
– Interventional radiologists
– Neuroradiologist
– Physicians, auditors or health care managers
– Nurses
– Imaging technicians
– Health care professionals with special interest in heart disease


Among the objectives of this Symposium are the following:

– Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the different invasive and non-invasive treatment alternatives in complex cases of valve disease and/or cardiac failure.

– Present transcatheter intervention techniques, outcomes and management strategies in the treatment of mitral, pulmonary or aortic insufficiency, or cardiac failure.

– Show the best evidence on cutting-edge treatments of cardiac valve disease and cardiac failure currently available.

– Analyze data and techniques for the treatment of valve bioprosthetic dysfunction.

– Analyze the reasons, challenges and needs of the Heart Team in the treatment of heart valve disease, its functionality towards excellence.

– Assess the new trends and different therapies to treat heart valve disease and cardiac failure.

– Assess the best techniques on current endovascular therapies to prevent peri and post procedural complications.

– Go over the different diagnostic tools and their combinations required to ensure optimal diagnosis of heart valve disease and cardiac failure, for adequate treatment planning.

– Assess new technology for improved safety and efficacy, soon to be available also in Latin America.

– Assess the current evidence supporting the use of myocardial stem cell injections for patients with ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy.

– Review state of the art cardiac cell regeneration and its potential use in ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy.


The organizing committee is formed by its directors, Drs. Antonio Enrique Dáger and Eduardo de Marchena; and their co-directors Drs. Bernardo Caicedo, Jaime Andrés Fonseca and Camilo Arana Londoño.


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