TCT 2017 | SENIOR: DES with a Bioresorbable Polymer and Short Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Elderly Patients

 Courtesy of the SBHCI.

This study sought to assess the safety and efficacy of an everolimus-eluting stent with a biodegradable polymer (SYNERGY II) vs. a conventional stent (REBEL) in patients >75 years old with short duration of dual antiplatelet therapy.

TCT 2017 | SENIOR: DES con polímero reabsorbible y tiempo de doble antiagregación corto en pacientes añosos

Before randomization, investigators recorded the planned duration of dual antiplatelet therapy (1 month for stable patients and 6 months for patients with acute coronary syndrome).

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The study included 1200 patients (596 in the drug-eluting stent [DES] group and 604 in the bare metal stent [BMS] group). The primary endpoint (a composite of death, infarction, stroke, and ischemia-driven revascularization) was 12% among patients who received a DES and 16% for those who received a BMS (p = 0.02).


In the individual analysis of the primary endpoint components, these devices presented significant differences only regarding ischemia-driven revascularization (2% vs. 6%; p = 0.002). Bleeding and stent thrombosis were uncommon and similar for both groups.



In elderly patients who undergo angioplasty with a short dual antiplatelet therapy schedule (1 month for stable patients and 6 months for acute patients), the everolimus-eluting stent with bioresorbable polymer reduced a composite of death, infarction, stroke, and revascularization, compared with a conventional stent.


Courtesy of the SBHCI.


Original title: A Randomized Trial of a Bioabsorbable Polymer-Based Metallic DES vs a BMS With Short DAPT in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Older Than 75 Years.

Presenter: Olivier Varenne.


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