From SOLACI to LATAM: The Legacy, a Session Facing the Future

The SOLACI-SBHCI 2019 Congress included a session titled “From SOLACI to LATAM: The Legacy.” It featured SOLACI current and former Presidents, such as Dr. José Luis Leiva Pons, Dr. Ricardo Lluberas, Dr. Darío Echeverri, and Dr. Oscar Méndiz. Additionally, Dr. Raúl Arrieta and Dr. Erick Hórnez participated by presenting the charitable program “SOL SOLACI”, while Dr. Marcio Montenegro talked about the intensive work conducted through the SOLACI Regional Sessions.

The session also featured Dr. Anibal Damonte (future SOLACI Vice-President), SOLACI Secretary Dr. Alfaro Marchena Noriega, Dr. Jorge Cortés from Mexico, Dr. Gustavo Hidalgo, Dr. Pablo Charry-Amaya, and Dr. Luiz Alberto Piva Mattos.

The topic addressed was SOLACI’s work over the last 25 years and its legacy for the next generations of interventional cardiologists.

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