Send Your Clinical Case | Fellow’s Corner

In this section we will explain you how to send a clinical case for the Fellow’s Corner simply and briefly.

How to send a case

Cases will be sent via (free file sharing site) to and to  

If you have never used this service, watch this STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL to use WeTransfer.

Which structure should the case follow?

  1. CASE TITLE: the title should be eye-catching and related to the case. If possible, it should also be funny.
  2. Name of the Site / Department of Hemodynamics.
  3. Full name of the Department Chief.
  4. Full name of case presenters.
  5. CASE PRESENTATION: Case presentation should include a summary of the medical history, including pathologic background, reason for consultation, supplemental studies conducted, and diagnostic methods used before the alluded event. All images and videos submitted should include its reference and corresponding description.
  6. CASE RESOLUTION: the submission should detail how the case was solved, describing the technique used and the reasoning behind that decision.

Format and requested information

  • Format. The case should be submitted in a PowerPoint or Word file.
  • Videos. All videos and diagnostic imaging included with the case should be properly organized in folders or with clear numeric references in order of appearance, so that they can then be edited and published on the webpage.
  • Endorsement letter. An endorsement letter from the head of the participant’s healthcare center, endorsing their participation, must be included.
  • Personal information. The following information should be submitted in a Word file or in the submission message body: full name, nationality, healthcare center for the prospective presenter, case title, academic institution to which the prospective presenter belongs, and conflicts of interest, if any.

Who can send cases?

Only interventional cardiology fellows are allowed to send cases. Your center’s director will vouch for your fellowship with a letter of endorsement.

Why send cases to the Fellow’s Corner?

  • The Fellow’s corner offers you the chance to share your knowledge with other Latin American hemodynamics professionals that visit SOLACI’s website every day. In other words, this is a platform for mutual enrichment that will allow you to perfect and complement your knowledge in the field.