LATAM Bif Registry: March 2021 Report

Know the new data from The Latin American Registry of Coronary Bifurcation Percutaneous Intervention  from March 2021. The registry is close to 250 patients (25% increase compared to the prior month) and continues to consolidate month after month. 

For those who are still unfamiliar with it, the LATAM Bif Registry is a prospective, multicenter registry aiming at assessing the reality of percutaneous treatment of coronary bifurcations, defining its needs and establishing strategies to further advance the daily clinical practice. 

Know the data

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How to make part of the LATAM Bif Registry?

Write to You will receive all the information and documentation required for LATAMBif, coordinated by SOLACI Research.

Why take part in LATAM Bif?

  1. The chance to access your own database dedicated to coronary bifurcations, with unified variables for all centers across Latin America. 
  2. Each center will own their data and will be able to analyze outcomes in real time. 
  3. The chance to interact with centers interested in research and publication throughout the region. 
  4. The chance to present at local and international events the outcomes of LATAM Bif Registry.
  5. In case you might need help to develop research projects and/or carry out statistical analysis, you will have the support of SOLACI Research.
  6. SOLACI Research will provide weekly auditing for all data, initial and annual (mandatory followup), for it to be charged correctly. 

Write now to and start participating of LATAM Bif.

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