The Latin American Group of Interventionist Women Performed 4 TAVR Cases in Paraguay

The MIL-SOLACI continues to grow and keeps developing activities to foster integration and women’s participation all across Latin America. 

El Grupo MIL realizó 4 TAVIS en Paraguay

IN this opportunity, and for the first time, the area directed by Dr. Carla Agatiello (ARG) performed 4 transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVR) at the National University’s Clinical Hospital of Asunción, in Paraguay. 

The interventions, performed during Paraguay SOLACI Sessions 2022– were carried out by Carla Agatiello together with prestigious colleagues from public and private hospitals, such as Dr. Lorena Villalba (San Roque Hospital), Dr. Clotilde Cañete (San Jorge Hospital), Dr. Carlos Benítez (San Roque Hospital), Dr. Javier Galeano (Clinical Hospital), Dr. Gustavo Olmedo (Clinical Hospital), Dra. Vanesa Flores (San Jorge Hospital) and Dr. Víctor Rojas (IPS).  

The initiative was possible thanks to the joint effort of the MIL Group and their colleagues from private and public hospitals, paramedics, technicians, SOL SOLACI program and the valuable collaboration of Boston Scientific, who supported TAVR pro bono cases. 

At SOLACI we consider essential to further such initiatives throughout Latin America to increase women’s participation in hemodynamics on the one hand, and on the other hand, to keep improving patient quality of life. 

Cases will be presented at MIL Group scientific session on Friday July 1, at 12:40 (Paraguay time) during Paraguay SOLACI Sessions.

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