ACC 2018 | Flu Vaccination Reduces Mortality in Heart Failure Hospitalizations

ACC 2018 | Flu Vaccination Reduces Mortality in Heart Failure Hospitalizations

Heart failure patients vaccinated against influenza are at a significantly lower risk of dying, both during flu season and outside of it. Patients with heart failure vaccinated had a 48% lower risk of death during influenza season and a 21% lower risk during the rest of the year. Dr. Fukuta, lead investigator in this study,

ACC 2018 | SECURE-PCI: Altas dosis de estatinas previo a la angioplastia podrían ayudar

ACC 2018 | SECURE-PCI: High Dose of Statins pior PCI Could Help

Patients undergoing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) loaded with a high dose of statins prior diagnostic catheterization do not seem to benefit from this strategy. However, when looking at those undergoing PCI alone (excluding all patients who had received surgery or medical treatment), the benefit appears as a reduction of combined major events. The benefit of atorvastatin loading

ACC 2018 | SMART-DATE: 6 Month DAPT Results Suboptimal in ACS

This study compared 6 vs 12 or more months of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) in patients undergoing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) receiving contemporary DES, and it did not find differences in combined endpoint. However, looking at primary endpoint components separately, there were more infarctions in patients with a short DAPT scheme that we cannot ignore. Prolonging antiaggregation

ACC 2018 | TREAT: Ticagrelor + Fibrinolytics’ Effect on Bleeding

Ticagrelor seems as safe as clopidogrel in patients undergoing ST elevation MI treated with fibrinolytics, at least in terms of TIMI major bleeding at 30 days. Longer follow up will help determine whether there are differences in efficacy or safety issues, as stated by the presenter Otavio Berwanger. This study was presented at ACC 2018 scientific sessions