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¿El alcohol es bueno, malo o neutro para la salud cardiovascular?

Is Alcohol Good, Bad, or Neutral for Cardiovascular Health?

Is Alcohol Good, Bad, or Neutral for Cardiovascular Health?

In the 2018 Guidelines on Hypertension, commandment no. 6 states that we should make lifestyle interventions such as sodium restriction, healthy eating, regular exercise, weight control, and smoking cessation, and also alcohol moderation. It is clear that heavy alcohol consumption induces hypertension and may probably be one of the main causes of secondary hypertension, but


E-Cigarettes vs. Nicotine Therapy to Stop Smoking

E-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy according to this randomized study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). Both must be accompanied by medical and psychological support for optimal results. While e-cigarettes are commonly used as a smoking cessation strategy, evidence is limited regarding their effectiveness as compared

ACC 2019 | POET: los antibióticos vía oral con buenos resultados a largo plazo en endocarditis

ACC 2019 | AUGUSTUS: Apixaban Plus P2Y12 Inhibitor Is the Best Combination in Atrial Fibrillation and Angioplasty

Aspirin increases bleeding with no ischemic benefit, but a trend toward more stent thrombosis with placebo warrants further studies. Patients with atrial fibrillation who receive an anticoagulant agent and coronary angioplasty with a stent, and then continue with aspirin, experience an increased risk of bleeding without any ischemic benefit whatsoever.   The use of a

ACC 2019 | Las nuevas guías de prevención primaria ACC/AHA con foco en estilo de vida, dieta y factores socioeconómicos.

ACC 2019 | The New ACC/AHA Guidelines on Primary Prevention Focus on Life Style, Diet and Socioeconomic Factors.

These guidelines basically remind us that we should focus on life style changes to best prevent heart disease, heart failure and atrial fibrillation. These changes, of course, should be permanent. It is estimated that life style changes translate into 80% risk reduction of heart disease.   These recommendations are based on 9 topics: risk estimation,

CLARIFY: No hay beneficio en sobrevida con betabloqueantes más allá de un año post infarto

ESC 2018 | CLARIFY: No Survival Benefit with Beta-Blockers Beyond 1 Year After Infarction

This is another study that concludes that beta-blockers have no impact on mortality at 1 year after infarction in stable patients and offer no survival benefit to patients with stable ischemic heart disease who have not experienced a myocardial infarction. This analysis represents 5 years of follow-up in a large, multinational registry and also shows a lack

Las nuevas guías Europeas de Hipertensión contrastan con las Americanas

New European Hypertension Guidelines Contrast with American Recommendations

The European guidelines on hypertension have been updated and now feature differences compared with American guidelines regarding how to diagnose and treat patients with high blood pressure. The main difference particularly lies in how aggressive physicians should be in lowering blood pressure. These data are available from a preview of the document presented at the

FOURIER: eficacia del evolocumab para alcanzar niveles ultra bajos de LDL

The Higher the LDL-C Level, the Greater the Benefit in Mortality with Aggressive Therapy

The latest studies seem to support higher baseline LDL-C levels would justify further intensifying and already aggressive drug strategy. A more aggressive hypolipidemic therapy would involve adding far more expensive new drugs that many specialists are reluctant to accept, in terms of their cost benefit ratio. The intensive therapy to lower LDL-C levels reduces cardiovascular

ACC 2018 | Flu Vaccination Reduces Mortality in Heart Failure Hospitalizations

Heart failure patients vaccinated against influenza are at a significantly lower risk of dying, both during flu season and outside of it. Patients with heart failure vaccinated had a 48% lower risk of death during influenza season and a 21% lower risk during the rest of the year. Dr. Fukuta, lead investigator in this study,

ACC 2018 | SECURE-PCI: Altas dosis de estatinas previo a la angioplastia podrían ayudar

ACC 2018 | SECURE-PCI: High Dose of Statins pior PCI Could Help

Patients undergoing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) loaded with a high dose of statins prior diagnostic catheterization do not seem to benefit from this strategy. However, when looking at those undergoing PCI alone (excluding all patients who had received surgery or medical treatment), the benefit appears as a reduction of combined major events. The benefit of atorvastatin loading

CANTOS: Less Cardiovascular Events with Canakinumab

A new analysis from the CANTOS trial shows that individuals who initially respond to canakinumab benefit the most from this new drug as regards cardiovascular events. This sub-analysis presented at the American Heart Association 2017 Scientific Sessions and simultaneously published in the Lancet showed that the magnitude of the reduction in C-reactive protein following a