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Síndrome de Hiperperfusión cerebral post-angioplastia carotídea: una complicación prevenible

Should Interventional Cardiologists Be Involved in Acute Stroke?

Should Interventional Cardiologists Be Involved in Acute Stroke?

According to this single-site study, published in J Am Coll Cardiol Intv., interventional cardiologists can safely conduct revascularizations in a setting of acute stroke, with high clinical and technical success. Cardiologists are taking on this traditional interventional neurology field simply due to the lack of interventional neurologists, who are thus unable to provide coverage 24/7,

Protection Systems Reduce Stroke and Mortality in Carotid Artery Stenting

MR CLEAN Registry: “Time is Brain” is a Far More Accurate than “Time is Heart”

Time to endovascular treatment after ischemic stroke is strongly associated to functional outcomes. This association could be even stronger than previously suggested in more select populations of controlled studies.   These findings emphasize that functional outcomes after endovascular treatment could be improved significantly by reducing onset to treatment times.   Randomized studies in select acute