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Nuevo estudio confirma la durabilidad del TAVI a 5 años

Fluoroscopy vs. Ultrasound Guided Femoral Access in TAVR

Fluoroscopy vs. Ultrasound Guided Femoral Access in TAVR

Ideally, we will not puncture the femoral artery blindly if we are planning to use a big caliber releasing device and a percutaneous closure device during TAVR. The risk of a high or low puncture or the presence of a lateral branch compromising the puncture site might become a major vascular and bleeding complication.  There

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01- TAVR and Anticoagulation: Direct Anticoagulant Agents or Vitamin K Inhibitors? In some patients, using an anticoagulant agent is not an option, it is just prescribed. Based on the French TAVR registry, this research compared long-term mortality, bleeding, and ischemic events after valve implantation. A comparison was made between TAVR and direct vs. classic anticoagulant agents—good old proven and reversible vitamin K inhibitors. Read also HERE 02-

Doble puente mamario para reducir la chance de nuevas revascularizaciones

Surgical Valve Replacement Might Soon Be History

Patients with dysfunctional biological prosthetic valves have better outcomes with TAVR vs. surgical reintervention, beyond surgical risk. This study outcomes might even call into question the age cutoff to consider a mechanical vs. a biological prosthesis at first surgery. This analysis recently published in JACC looked at the outcomes of both possible strategies to treat