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Continuar con la actividad física luego de un IAM reduce la mortalidad

The Key We Are Overlooking in Peripheral Vascular Disease

The Key We Are Overlooking in Peripheral Vascular Disease

To change the prognosis of peripheral vascular disease patients, a referral for supervised exercise is paramount. This should be a cultural change, not only an individual recommendation. A physically active lifestyle reduces the risk of cardiovascular events and functional impairment in patients with peripheral vascular disease. The novelty of this work (forthcoming in Eur J

Efectos de la promoción de los hábitos saludables desde la niñez

Effects of Health Promotion Since Childhood

All clinical practice guidelines indicate healthy lifestyle recommendations and, as cardiologists, we have slowly but surely implemented such practice. However, patients come to us once they have had health problems. What would happen if people had these recommendations at an earlier stage in their life? Would that prevent them from ever becoming patients? There was