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DES con polímero bioabsorbible vs Bare Metal Stents en angioplastia primaria

Last Bastion of Bare Metal Stents Finally Falls

Last Bastion of Bare Metal Stents Finally Falls

Multiple studies have shown the safety and efficacy of drug eluting stents (DES) in patients with high risk of bleeding. Only one last bastion of bare metal stents (BMS) was left standing: vein grafts.  With controversial evidence and different physiopathology, many still argued against DES in saphenous vein grafts.  This multicenter study randomized patients with

struts ultrafinos

BIOFLOW V: Ultrathin Struts Confirm their Benefits

For several years we have been testing new devices that have introduce changes with respect to their predecessors in the hope they will bring clinical benefits.  And so, the different generations of drug eluting stents came about (DES) even though we found ourselves stuck in the second generation, with the classical everolimus eluting stents. All