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Post-dilatación de válvulas autoexpandibles

Self-Expanding Valve in Extreme Surgical Risk After 5 Years

Self-Expanding Valve in Extreme Surgical Risk After 5 Years

Patients with aortic stenosis and extreme surgical risk have extremely high mortality due to known comorbidities. The short-term benefit of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with self-expanding valve is clear, and it warrants the procedure in this challenging population. While elderly patients with comorbidities who are at extreme surgical risk might be eligible for TAVR,

TCT 2020 | La Acurate Neo no alcanza la no inferioridad vs la CoreValve Evolut

TCT 2020 | Acurate Neo Does Not Meet Non-Inferiority vs. CoreValve Evolut

The self-expanding Acurate Neo (Boston Scientific) did not meet non-inferiority vs. the self-expanding CoreValve Evolut (Medtronic) in the SCOPE 2 study published in Circulation simultaneously and presented at the virtual TCT 2020. These are bad news for the Acurate Neo, that had already failed to show non-inferiority vs. the Sapien 3 in the SCOPE 1


Lower Mismatch Rate with the New Self-Expandable Valves

Prosthesis mismatch (PPM) was introduced by Rahimtoola in 1978 and happens when the effective orifice area of a heart valve prosthesis is too small in relation to patient body size. Surgical valves have been well documented, but there is little information on percutaneous valves. The study looked at 757 patients undergoing TAVR with pre and post procedural eco-Doppler