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ESC 2019 | SYNTAXES: Ten-Year Outcomes!

ESC 2019 | SYNTAXES: Ten-Year Outcomes!

The SYNTAXES (SYNTAX Extended Survival) was presented at ESC 2019 with somewhat unexpected results in favor of PCI. This is why the SYNTAX continues to be one of the best studies interventional cardiologists can rely on. The original SYNTAX tested mortality (primary end point) with PCI vs. CABG in patients with multivessel and/or left main

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Angiography-Derived FFR: Complicated Software or Imminent Reality?

Angiography-derived fractional flow reserve (FFR) demonstrated substantial usefulness, especially in patients with three-vessel lesions. The functional SYNTAX score derived from angiography has the potential to redefine prognosis and treatment strategies compared with the classic anatomical SYNTAX score. This study sought to investigate the applicability of this method in patients with multivessel lesions included in the

DEFINE FLAIR and IFR SWEDEHEART: Safety in Revascularization Based on FFR and iFR in Both Stable and ACS Patients

SYNTAX II: Better Stents, IVUS, FFR, or a Combination of All of Them to Catch Up with Surgery

In patients with 3-vessel disease, surgery obtained better outcomes than angioplasty, according to results from the SYNTAX and FREEDOM trials, which used first-generation drug-eluting stents. Even in the BEST trial, which used new-generation stents, surgery still offered far better outcomes. Nobody is surprised by the fact that, whenever angioplasty evolves due to a new device