See the Presentations of the 10° ProEducar Fellow Course

Ya salipo el Programa Científico Preliminar del 10° Curso de Fellows de ProEducarLearn about the presentations exhibited during the 10th ProEducar Fellows Course, held in 2019 in the city of Sao Paulo.

The course was a real success, as it was attended by more than 150 professionals and renowned international interventionists, such as Doctors Stone, Grines, Granada, Hijazi, Abizaid, Mendiz, Lemos and Leiva Pons.

We thank all the interventionists who, with a great scientific and educational vocation, presented their presentations at the José Gabay Course.

Read the presentations below:


Module I: Access Types and Diagnosis Tools

  • Pedro Beraldo de Andrade (BRA) – “How to obtain a successful radial access. Tips and tricks. Options to the conventional radial access”.


  • José Luis Leiva Pons (MEX) – “Percutaneous occlusion devices. When and how should we use them?”. 

  • José Ribamar Costa Junior (BRA) – “Training on the proper use of IVUS and OCT. Step by step”. 


  • Daniel Silva Chamié de Queiroz (BRA) – “Functional evaluation: FFR and iFR, tips and tricks on how to avoid errors”.

  • Awarded case presentation.


Module II: Complex Coronary Intervention. Tips and Tricks. 

  • Cindy Grines (USA) “Primary angioplasty: How to optimize results in AMI? Techniques and Step by Step”. 


  • Ari Mandil (BRA) – “Treatment of calcified lesions. Rotablator Step by Step. Cutting balloons”.


  • Carlos Augusto Homem de Magalhães Campos (BRA) – “Treatment of the ostium and body of the LMCA. Techniques to optimize results. Step by step”.


  • Awarded case presentation.



Lunch Session: “Chatting with the Experts”. Identifying and treating complications.

  • Pedro Alves Lemos Neto (BRA) – “Coronary angioplasty complications. Interactive Educational Case”.


  • Eduardo Kei (BRA)“Endovascular AAA complications. Interactive Educational Case”.



Module III: Structural Heart Disease

  • Gregg Stone (USA) – “Mitral Valve Intervention. Current Data and Future Expectations”.


  • Henrique Ribeiro (BRA)“Practical Demonstration of the aortic valve implant: self-expandable and balloon-expandable. Step by Step”.


  • Juan Granada (USA) – “Innovation and future of structural heart disease”.


  • Zijad Hijazi (Qatar)“Atrial Septal Defect and Patent Foramen Ovale. Treatment Techniques. Step by Step”.



Module IV: Non-Coronary Intervention.

  • Oscar Méndiz (ARG) – “AAA endovascular treatment. Educational case”.


  • Marcos Antônio Marino (BRA)“Carotid angioplasty. Treatment Techniques. Step by Step”.


  • Maurício Cavalieri Machado (BRA) – “Infrapatellar disease. How should we intervene? Antegrade and/or retrograde puncture”.


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