2020 SOLACI Calendar of Events | A Year Full of Extraordinary Interventional Cardiology Events

SOLACI’s commitment to the development of interventional cardiology in Latin America doubles down in 2020. Our institution is fostering a variety of events, programs, and activities to continue boosting our specialty in our region, a tradition we have never ceased to honor in the past 26 years.

From February 28th to March 2nd, 2021, Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel will host the most important meeting for interventional cardiologists in Latin America. Over 2000 regional and worldwide specialists will gather to debate and share their experience on the main hot topics for our specialty: structural heart disease, coronary artery disease, chronic occlusions, peripheral interventions, bifurcation lesions, integration with other specialties, and more. The most prestigious scientific societies worldwide and the most important companies in the medical industry will take part in this event.

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One of SOLACI’s missions is to foster the growth and integration of hemodynamics in Latin America, and SOLACI Sessions are one of the most powerful tools we can use for that. With over 50 events executed in different corners of our continent (where interventional cardiology is underdeveloped), the SOLACI Sessions establish ties between professionals and focus particularly on educational and academic aspects, taking into account the priorities of each country they set foot in.

Consequently, in addition to the successful Manta, Ecuador, Sessions held on March 6th and 7th, in 2020 we will visit San Pedro Zula, Honduras, and Santiago de Chile, Chile (November 27th to 30th).

We should also emphasize the importance of the Latin American Interventional Women Group (Grupo MIL), which has been working on the promotion and inclusion of women in our specialty since 2017, and SOLACI SOLidario Program (SOL SOLACI), whose main objective is to help underprivileged people by facilitating cardiovascular and/or percutaneous procedures.

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SOLACI’s educational program will continue developing a training and update procedure for trainees in hemodynamics, through its three most important activities: the Educational Newsletter (posted monthly at proeducar.solaci.org), which shares original, practical, easy-to-read content; the Fellows Course, in its 11th edition, which will take place during SOLACI-CACI 2020 Congress and will feature the participation of the most important Latin American interventional cardiologists, and the “Fellows’ Room” (Sala del Fellow), a new ProEducar space for communication and comradeship for all fellows in the region. Additionally, an online continuing training program is currently being developed with the main aim of unifying the basic concepts featured in the theoretical and practical training of interventional cardiologists in Latin America.

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We are pleased to inform the launch of SOLACI Research, SOLACI’s new research division. This department will be aimed at fostering clinical research in our region through the creation of registries, the elaboration of local clinical guidelines, core-lab, advisory work, and educational sessions. All interested cardiologists and interventional cardiologists can send their CVs to research@solaci.org.

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As usual, SOLACI will take part in the main events in Latin America by sponsoring local societies and/or participating through specialized symposiums. As of now, SOLACI has confirmed its presence in symposiums at the Inter-American Society of Cardiology Congress (June 17th to 20th) and EuroPCR (May 19th to 22nd), and it will sponsor a variety of events in our region.

This year, we will continue to inform the main news on the most relevant specialty international congresses. Thus, all SOLACI members and subscribers will still receive quality content on EuroPCR 2020 (May 19th to 22nd), ESC 2020 (August 29th to September 2nd), TCT 2020 (September 23rd to 27th), and AHA 2020 (November 14th to 16th). The ACC 2020 Congress has been currently canceled due to the coronavirus spread. That notwithstanding, we will inform its highlights once the congress takes place.

We will also continue publishing daily the latest scientific news on our specialty through our portal, https://solaci.org.

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