How does the Fellow’s Corner work?

The Fellow’s Corner is a space for discussion of real-life clinical cases, carried out in the centers of the SOLACI community. Its goal is to discuss and comment these cases making reference to the scientific evidence that supports each conduct.

How does the Fellow’s Corner work?

  • Each case should be presented in writing through the SOLACI web site in The Fellow’s Corner section; it will be published on the following Monday.
  • Each case is assigned a moderator, who will begin with the case analysis and will ask the trigger questions.
  • After the debate, a guest medical expert will close the presentation and make the final comments.
  • Firstly, presenters will introduce the case together with a summary of the medical history and the diagnostic imaging. Then, they will explain the problem without revealing the outcome.
  • From that moment onwards and for 5 days, participants can take part in the debate, adding comments or input in the comments section. Presenters should monitor comments and questions made in that section.
  • We highly recommended that, whenever possible, comments include reference literature or papers on which they are based, so that fellows can take more advantage of the debate.
  • On the 5th day, presenters will show the case outcome, and there will be time for related comments.
  • On the following Monday, a guest medical expert will make the final comments and a brief case explanation, bringing the debate to an end.

Remember that our main goal is to learn from each other’s experience, so do not hesitate to submit your case and comments in the forum!

How to send a case

Cases will be sent via (free file sharing site) to and to  

If you have never used this service, watch this STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL to use WeTransfer.