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Resultados alentadores de los balones cubiertos de Biolimus para el tratamiento de vasos pequeños

BIONYX: Onyx vs. Orsiro At 5 Years

BIONYX: Onyx vs. Orsiro At 5 Years

Onyx is a zotarolimus-eluting stent (ZES), designed with thin struts and a platinum core that enhances its radiological visibility. This can be beneficial in complex situations with limited visibility, such as in patients who are obese or present severe calcification, two particularly frequent characteristics in diabetic or elderly patients. The BIONYX study was a randomized

EuroPCR 2021 | CASTLE: Orsiro vs Xience Guided by Intravascular Imaging

According to the CASTLE trial, the Orsino stent—a biodegradable, ultrathin, sirolimus-eluting stent—provides the same results at 12 months as Xience in angioplasty guided by intravascular imaging. This research was presented at the virtual EuroPCR 2021 Congress. Previous studies (BIOSTEMI and BIOFLOW V) showed that Orsiro was superior to Xience in reducing target-lesion revascularization. However, the reason behind this

Desempeño de los DES actuales ¿hay margen para mejorar?

Current DES Performance: Is There Room for Improvement?

Head-to-head comparison of current drug-eluting stents (DES) showed contradictory results that led us to believe, for years, that we had reached a plateau. This feeling was also fostered by the disappointment caused by Absorb and bioresorbable-polymer stents. However, this recent article featured in JACC Interventions shows a light at the end of the tunnel with

Más stents suman evidencia al esquema corto y nos acercamos al “efecto de clase”

More Evidence for Short Term DAPT: Approaching “the Class Effect”

Patients at high risk of bleeding undergoing coronary angioplasty with Orsiro stent can be considered for a short dual antiplatelet scheme.  These data come from the SMART-CHOICE study recently published in JAHA, adding the Orsiro stent to the list of devices supporting 3-month DAPT.  This study included 2993 patients undergoing coronary angioplasty randomized to 3

struts ultrafinos

BIOFLOW V: Ultrathin Struts Confirm their Benefits

For several years we have been testing new devices that have introduce changes with respect to their predecessors in the hope they will bring clinical benefits.  And so, the different generations of drug eluting stents came about (DES) even though we found ourselves stuck in the second generation, with the classical everolimus eluting stents. All