TCT 2020 | Fewer Symptoms and Events when Optimizing with iFR

Symptomatic patients undergoing PCI with no residual ischemia confirmed by iFR have superior symptom improvement at one year vs. patients who did not receive the optimization. 

TCT 2020 | Nueva información sobre el valor del FFR antes y después de la angioplastia

In addition to symptoms, patients receiving iFR optimization (final value ≥ 0.95) presented lower cardiac mortality, spontaneous MI or clinically justified revascularization vs. patients with <0.95 final value.


This information highlights the importance of physiological assessment after PCI. 


The DEFINE-PCI included 467 patients with successful PCI assessed immediately after procedure with iFR. 25% of the population presented functionally significant lesions after procedure. Post hoc analysis of this study showed the post PCI iFR value ≥ 0.95 was a predictor of clinical events. 


Patients more symptomatic at baseline and patients with final iFR of ≥ 0.95 saw the greatest benefits in terms of angina. 

Original Title: One-year outcomes of patients with residual physiologic ischemia after percutaneous coronary intervention: the DEFINE PCI trial.

Reference: Patel M et al. Presentado en el congreso TCT 2020 virtual.

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