The Most Read Scientific Articles of July in Interventional Cardiology

01- SOLACI PERIPHERAL | 2nd Clinical Case: Juxtarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

SOLACI’s Department of Peripheral Endovascular Interventions brings a new challenging clinical case for the whole Latin American medical community so as to continue fostering and sharing scientific knowledge and experience among peers.

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02- EuroPCR 2020 | A Trick to Find the Perfect Projection to Treat Ostia or Bifurcation Lesions

The trick is to avoid testing empirically more to the right or to the left, a more caudal or cranial angular, and check what a multislice computed tomography suggests.

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03- European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions Position Statement During the Pandemic

This document emerges from the assembly of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) and the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACVC).

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04- EuroPCR 2020 | Deferral Based on iFR vs. FFR: Are They Equivalent or Is There a New “Gold Standard”?

Age may impact results when making an angioplasty choice based on fractional flow reserve (FFR) vs. instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR).

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05- Educational Meeting ProEducar-SOLACI: Learning with Experts

In July, SOLACI´s education program (ProEducar) starts another free round of virtual educational meetings aimed at making knowledge and practical tools accessible to all fellow interventionists in Latin America.

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06- Myocardial Injury in One Third of COVID-19 Patients

Roughly one third of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 have some degree of myocardial injury and this comes hand in hand with increased mortality compared against patients with no troponin elevation. 

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07- Webinar SOLACI | Up-To-Date-Topics on Hemodynamics

Watch again our Webinar on “Up-To-Date-Topics on Hemodynamics” on our Youtube account. 

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08- IVUS in Unprotected LMCA Angioplasty: Should We Change the Way We Use It?

Bifurcation lesions account for about 25% of all angioplasties and it is a challenge for which there is no single treatment strategy.

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09- After 8-year Followup, Good News for the Self Expandable Valve

As the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) gains ground in lower risk populations and with better survival rate, concern over its durability has grown. 

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10- Vasculitis, Thrombosis and Angiogenesis: Covid-19´s Unique Patters

In this small, yet interesting series, we observe angiogenesis could differentiate pulmonary physiopathology by Covid-19 vs. from viral infections of similar severity (such as influenza).

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