SOLACI has created an Education Program called ProEducar, which offers ongoing education to all members willing to update and perfect their practice in the field of Interventional Cardiology.

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ProEducar Director:
Dr. Gabriel Maluenda
Dr. Leandro Lasave

ProEducar Journal Director:
Dr. Gustavo Pedernera

Course for Interventionists in Training Director:
Dr. Leandro I. Lasave

Editorial Committee| Term 2020-2022

  • Dr. Nicolás Zederenko (ARG)
  • Dr. Marcelo Abud (ARG)
  • Dr. Hugo Londero (h) (ARG)
  • Dr. José Luis Winter del Rio (CHI)
  • Dr. Carlos Uribe (COL)
  • Dr. Victor Aldana (COL)
  • Dr. Alex Rocha (URU)
  • Dr. Sebastian Lluberas (URU)
  • Dr. Evandro Martins Filho (BRA)
  • Dr. Ribamar Costa Jr (BRA)
  • Dr. Alexandre Quadros (BRA)
  • Dr. Efraim Lunardi Flam (BRA)
  • Dr. Raul Arrieta (BRA)
  • Dr. Cecilia Cuevas (PER)
  • Dr. Marco Alcantara (MEX)
  • Dr. Mauro Echavarria Pinto (MEX)

Marisa Desiervi

One Comment;

  1. Andrzej Hasiec said:

    My name is Andrzej Hasiec, and I’ve been working at the Cardiology Institute of Warsaw at the Department of Heart Rhythm Disorders since 2008. I would like to have an annual practical electrophysiologic fellowship. In November 2017 I passed specialization exam in cardiology.
    I have several years of experience in implanting pacemakers and ICDs, and performing classical ablations of cardiac arrhythmias in adults. I can operate 3D mapping systems (CARTO, EnSite) for complex atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, and can assist to cryoablation of atrial fibrillation.
    I dream of an internship in an electrophysiological center that deals with electrophysiological problems of each patient. This would allow me to fully understand and familiarize myself with the secrets of electrophysiology, and at the same time improve the performance of electrophysiological procedures.
    I find myself in teamwork; I am hard working and I like new challenges. I would like to acquire experience in performing complex ventricular arrhythmias, arrhythmias in congenital heart diseases, but also ablations of atrial fibrillation.

    I’m involved in the creation of scientific work “Assessment of the relationship between the presence of atherosclerotic lesions in coronary arteries and the occurrence of atrial fibrillation in patients with stable coronary artery disease”.

    Furthermore, I took an active part in clinical trials – as the main Sub – Investigator in the “the Castle AF” trail and in the “HARMONY” trial. In addition, the Polish press published my scientific articles about cardiac arrhythmias in patients with muscular dystrophies, sleep apnea, sarcoidosis, and pulmonary diseases.

    I am counting on you to answer,
    best regards,

    Andrzej Hasiec