SOLACI Board 2021-2023

Dr. Aníbal Damonte, Argentina
Vice President
Dr. Mario Araya, Chile
Dr. Pedro Hidalgo, Venezuela
Dr. Omar Santaera, Argentina
Andean Region: Dra. Bertha Gonzáles, Perú
Andean Region: Dr. Carlos Uribe, Colombia
Central America and the Caribbean: Dr. Juan José Flores Molina, El Salvador
Southern Region: Dr. Luis Urna, Bolivia
Southern Region: Dra. Clotilde Cañete, Paraguay
Alternate Vocals
Dr. Federico Borges
Dr. Mauricio O ́Bon


  1. Jessie Alison said:

    Dear Team,

    Greetings from Hypertension 2018 !!!

    We wish you a Happy New Year 2018!!

    Encouraged with the success of Hypertension series of conferences, we bring up the 4th International Conference on Hypertension & Healthcare. With its powerful 2 day agenda Hypertension 2018 is designed to take place at the beautiful Zurich City, Switzerland which is small but well know country in the heart of Europe during September 10-11, 2018.

    We would like to know your interest in collaborating with us for the upcoming conference at Zurich, Switzerland.

    For more details of the conference please have a glance at :

    Shall be eagerly waiting for your positive response.
    Best Regards
    Jessie Alison
    Program Director
    Hypertension 2018