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  1. Egzona Krasniqi said:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    May I kindly ask you for a few information about the solaci I need for a particular desicion? I searched on your website but I didn’t found this kind of information. I need the following details about:

    1. How many visitors the congress has (if possible splited in industry and health care professionals (if possible please split also the health care professional in specific professions)
    2, The countries where these visitors come from
    3. The costs for a symposium
    4. The costs for any other activity which has to do with a lecture (also for example short 20 minutes slots)

    Many thanks in advance

    Yours faithfully

    Egzona Krasniqi
    Student Trainee
    Congresses & Academy
    Vascular Intervention

    Ackerstrasse 6
    CH-8180 Bülach

    Phone +41 44 864 55 31
    Mobile +41 75 429 53 31
    Email egzona.krasniqi@biotronik.com

  2. solaci said:

    Dear Egzona Krasniqi,

    Thank you for your comment. As regards your questions, I can tell you that:
    1&2- Around 3.000 health care professionals attend the anual Congress. It is adressed for Latin American specialists, but every year professionals from all over the world come to share their knowledge and experiences. The goal of the Congress is to promote the growth of interventional cardiology, fostering professional cooperation among our experts, encouraging imagination and supporting the development of interventional cardiologists in our region.
    You can check the international faculties, joint sessions, live cases and more at http://www.solacicongress.org/en

    As regards points 3 and 4, you can asist to all the lectures or symposyums of the congress by paying the inscription. if you are asking this in behalf of a company, you should check the exhibitor prospectus of the congress, where you will find all the costs according the activity http://www.solacicongress.org/_files/exhibit_prospectus_2017.pdf

    Thank you again for your comment.

    Best wishes.

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