The Fellow’s Corner

The Fellow’s Corner is a space for interaction and discussion dedicated exclusively to continuing medical training and education for all interventional fellows in Latin America.

In this section, we discuss real-world clinical cases from our daily practice, with the purpose of sharing experiences and reaching an agreement on possible treatment courses for different situations.

Become part of the conversation and be up to date on interventional cardiology!

Who can send cases?

Only interventional cardiology fellows are allowed to send cases. Your center’s director will vouch for your fellowship with a letter of endorsement.

Why send cases to the Fellow’s Corner?

  • All cases published on the Fellow’s Corner shall be pre-selected to be presented at SOLACI-CACI 2020. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to share your knowledge at a prestigious international scenario with the best hemodynamics professionals in Latin America. 
  • The Fellow’s corner offers you the chance to share your knowledge with other Latin American hemodynamics professionals that visit SOLACI’s website every day. In other words, this is a platform for mutual enrichment that will allow you to perfect and complement your knowledge in the field. 

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