SOLACI@PCR Joint Session at EuroPCR 2024 – See You in Paris on May 14 thru 17

The Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology will once more say here at EuroPCR 2024, undoubtedly one of the most relevant international meetings in the field. 

In this context, a joint symposium will be held on Thursday 16 at 14.45 (UTC +2 – Paris time), in room 253. This session will discuss “State of the Art Left Ventricle Interventions in Latin America” and will count on the presence of reputed experts from across the region. 

EuroPCR 2024 will take place on May 14 thru 17. We invite you all to take part and, more precisely, to participate in our joint session. 


Thursday, May 16 – 02.45 pm to 04.15 pm (UTC +2 – Paris Time) | Room 253.

Anchorperson: M. Araya
Spokesperson: A. Damonte
Discussants: A.B. Cid Alvarez, G. Guering, S. Ojeda, N. Salvatella, O. Santaera

Join us if you want:

  • To get to know revascularization guidelines for left main in Latin America
  • To learn how left main bifurcations are approached in Latin America (LATAM Bif Registry)
  • To share your experience about left main PCI through clinical cases discussion

Session details:

  • Session objectives – M. Araya
  • Left main bifurcations revascularization in LatAM: insights from the LATAM Bif Registry – L. Padilla
  • Case 1 – Provisional approach – M. Sanali Paiva
  • Case 2 – Upfront two-stent approach – A. Alcocer Chauvet
  • Discussion and audience interaction
  • Can we treat left main and multi-arterial disease in daily practice? When can we treat? – R. Costa
  • Discussion and audience interaction
  • How to simplify the complex in Left main PCI (calcification, trifurcations, depressed left ventricular function) – J. Legutko
  • Case 3 – Severe Calcification – J. Arauz 
  • Case 4 – Left main PCI in complex scenarios – M. Alvarado
  • Discussion and audience interaction
  • Session evaluation and key learnings – A. Damonte

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