About the SOLACI Sessions

The Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOLACI) promotes the study of medicine and the implementation of best practices in cardiovascular care in the field of cardiac catheterization, and organizes major scientific events on interventional cardiology in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We organize Regional Sessions to promote interventional cardiology in each country with the contribution of national and foreign physicians that boost scientific development, research and cooperation between nations with similar realities.


  • Update basic and advanced knowledge on interventional cardiology through a simple approach, presenting the information by topics of interest and its practical application.
  • Include general practitioners, residents, cardiologists, heart surgeons, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians in a multidisciplinary discussion about the management of patients with heart and vascular conditions. 
  • Highlight and illustrate the latest advances in design, conceptualization and new technologies of a specialty that keeps transforming. 
  • Discuss case studies, edited and live, on optimal management according to set guidelines.
  • Establish contacts between national and international colleagues to collaborate in the introduction of new devices and treatments.

Who can come to our Sessions?

  • Clinical and interventional cardiologists
  • Vascular surgeons
  • Heart surgeons
  • Residents and general practitioners
  • Students of medical areas
  • Nurses
  • Imaging technician


mario_araya_jornadas_solaciSOLACI Sessions is a significant undertaking within the Latin American interventional cardiology community, as it strongly contributes with continuous medical education in this specialty. This is an interactive activity that brings our community closer to knowledge, thus allowing it to come into close contact with experts in different areas.

Its educational goal also includes general cardiology, shaping the choice of topics and their approach according to general interests. The participation of nurses, technicians, and other cardiology-related professionals, through sessions dedicated to their areas of interest, is extremely important. It should be noted that SOLACI Sessions is also involved in the search for solidary healthcare solutions by means of the SOL-SOLACI program, which has grown steadily since its creation.

Dr. Gustavo Vignolo
SOLACI Sessions Director

mario_araya_jornadas_solaciSOLACI Sessions play a fundamental role in building inclusion and advancing interventional cardiology across 33 the countries that receive us, taking SOLACI’s structure to places where information is key to their development.

The committed involvement in the spread of knowledge by making local experts accessible achieves exceptional results that simply multiply year after year. At the end of the day, an atmosphere of learning, shared knowledge and belonging transmits the sensation that we are in the right path.

Dr. Marcio Montenegro
Sub-Director, SOLACI Sessions



Dr. Mario Araya

Dr. Mario Araya

SOLACI Sessions Director 2017-2020

Dr. Jorge Mayol

Dr. Jorge Mayol

SOLACI Sessions Director 2015-2017

Dr. Hidalgo

Dr. Pedro Hidalgo

SOLACI Sessions Director 2012-2015

Dr. Duran cardiologia

Dr. Ariel Durán

SOLACI Sessions Director 2009-2012

Dr. Berrocal SOLACIDr. Daniel Berrocal
SOLACI Sessions Director 2006 – 2009


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