Thanks everyone for making part of Paraguay SOLACI Sessions 2022!

We have reached the end of SOLACI Sessions 44th edition. 

We have enjoyed 2 days of intense scientific activities with multiple educational symposia, case study discussions, theoretical and practical approaches to issues of interest in interventional cardiology and fruitful knowledge exchange between prestigious colleagues from Paraguay and Latin America. 

¡Gracias a todos por ser parte de las Jornadas SOLACI Paraguay 2022!

With over 200 registered attendees and more than 750 online participants, the 44th edition of SOLACI Sessions have accomplished our mission: to keep integrating, interconnecting, and sharing experiences from different parts of the region, promoting scientific advance and continuous development. 

Day 2 started with the already traditional course for fellow interventionists, when a panel of renowned interventionists assess and comment on complex case studies sent by young promising hemodynamics specialists from all corners of Latin America. The winners of this edition were Drs. Juan Ignacio Mayol (presenting “Transseptal transcatheter mitral valve-in-valve”) and Claudia González Zuñiga (presenting “Snare technique for retrograde wire externalization in right coronary artery CTO angioplasty”).

Juan Ignacio Mayol & Claudia González Zuñiga, winners of the young cardiologists contest.

We then moved on to “one case, one lesson”, when different senior interventional cardiologists share their experience on complex challenging cases. 

Later, the long-expected MIL Group presented 4 TAVR interventions performed in Paraguay together with colleagues from private and public institutions. This has become a milestone in the group’s history, showing how far they have come, and also SolSOLACI, which took part in one of the procedures. 

Finally, the last sessions of this important event took place: a round table on TAVR and another on structural intervention. 

It was a pleasure for SOLACI to be able to visit our sister country Paraguay after 2 years of pandemic, and to keep advancing knowledge, integration and exchange between colleagues, to further improve patient quality of life across our beautiful continent. 

We will meet again in México for SOLACI-SOCIME 2022 (on August 4 thru 6) and later at Colombia Session 2022 (October 6, 7 and 8)!

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