Motivation Survey and Barriers to Interventional Cardiology Training in Latin America – MIL Group

Interventional cardiology is one of the medical specialties of fastest development in the last 20 years. In Latin America, interventional cardiology is no stranger to the European trend where our career path chosen mostly by men, despite the growing population of medical school female enrolment. 

This poll on barriers and motivation to choosing an interventional cardiology career path gained the approval and authorization of the EAPCI Women Committee for replication in our continent in 2018, for us to compare our situation with that of our European colleagues, which was communicated at the time (outcomes still pending publication). 

The aim of this survey is to obtain up to date information on our current situation, what we have improved in the last 5 years and how much remains to be improved. 

Answering these questions will hardly take 10 minutes of your time and is completely anonymous. 

We really appreciate your active involvement! 

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