EuroPCR 2024 | CALIPSO: CTO vs Angiography Guided Treatment of Calcified Lesions

The presence of calcified lesions worsens percutaneous coronary intervention prognosis, presenting more restenosis, thrombosis and need for new revascularization.

EuroPCR 2024

The aim of this study was to assess the superiority of CTO with a prespecified management algorithm on a conventional angiography treatment, in addition to assessing CTO safety. 

A superiority randomized study was carried out including patients with stable coronary lesions, moderate to severe calcification (Mintz classification) and apt for crosswiring with CTO catheter. Patients with shock, acute coronary syndrome (ACS), kidney failure and lesions not apt for crosswiring. 

Compared to conventional angiography, CTO use changed the plaque preparation device selection, improved stent implantation and increased minimal lumen area (mean 6.9±1.9mm² vs 5.3±1.7mm²). Also, it did not increase the amount of contrast used (180 ml vs 184 ml) or procedure duration (63 min vs 64 min) vs conventional angiography

Dr. Omar Tupayachi

Dr. Omar Tupayachi.
Member of the Editorial Board of

Reference: Presented by Nicolas Amabile, at Late-Breaking Clinical Trials, EuroPCR 2024, May 14-17, Paris, France.

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